Life is full of stressful hectic cluttered situations, so why end the day in a cluttered home? At Anna’s Cleaning Service we understand the importance of having a healthy clean home environment. That is why we are committed to providing our clients with nothing less than outstanding high quality service to your home.

Our residential cleaning services reach but are not limited to: 


  • Wipe down/disinfection of baseboards and counter tops
  • Cleaning and organizing all appliances, ovens, stovetops, and broilers
  • Deep cleaning of pantry and cabinets
  • Sink and Dishwasher sanitation
  • Sweeping and Moping


  • Sanitation of all sinks and counters
  • Cleaning of all mirrors
  • Deep clean and disinfection of toilets and bath tubs
  • No use of harsh chemicals that leave unpleasant odors
  • Refilling of soap, toilet seat covers, and toilet paper
  • Cleaning of all drawers
  • Sweeping and Moping

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

  • Dusting/wiping of all surfaces
  • Polishing and cleaning of light fixtures
  • Cobweb removal
  • Vacuuming or Sweeping and Moping
  • Window washing (under request)